Youth Community Data Center (YCDC)

The Youth Community Data Center is an integrated data system designed for use by Expanded Learning Opportunities Network (ELO) members. The need for YCDC became clear after several years of research on the data needs and goals of ELO members. Programs reported they wanted to be able to use their own data systems for multiple needs and requests. They wanted a system that would allow them to continue their own data collection while contributing to the ELO Network’s quality improvement and outcome measurements.

The goals of an integrated data system are 1.) align shared indicators across diverse out of school time (OST) programs to see the combined impact on youth outcomes; and 2.) share the overall impact of out of school time programs on youth outcomes with the community.

To read more, Please click here for a copy of the Youth Community Data Center Report.

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Update — April 2016: The Johnson Center for Philanthropy and the ELO Network is inviting the Grand Rapids community to use a website with data from across 60 organizations affecting 21,000 k-12 youth. Read more here: